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Polls were taken in California (links above) comparing Senator Feinstein with potential Republican rivals for her next race. She easily eclipsed any rival, but Chuck Quackenbush beat all contenders by 2 to 1. If Feinstein was out of the picture, Democrats could lose the Senate seat to Republican, Chuck Quackenbush. The second poll compared all Republican and Democratic rivals for state offices. The results of these polls showed that Chuck Quackenbush had double or more name recognition compared to all potential candidates for US Senate or Governor. In the Gore Campaign for President, Vice-Presidential candidates were being selected and Senator Feinstein and Governor Davis were high on the list. Democrats realized that Chuck Quackenbush would be nearly impossible for them to beat based on those polls. These two emails given to us by Democrats who didn't like what they knew was happening, show how they planned to get rid of him and why. From: Mitchell, Anne sent: Tuesday, March 23,1999 12:12 PM To: Steffen, Richard (SENA11) Subject RE: help Sensitivity: Confidential 1. DONíT WRITE A LETTER TO QUACKENBUSH ON ANYTHING. we have to set him up first, which should be fairly easy. you are too quick to get in someoneís face on things I had this problem with you last year.....and he is very adept at warding off controversy if we do not completely ambush him he will slide out of it. 2. who told you about the budget language? I canít find a discount reporting requirement per se although there is other language that may be touted as such. and reporting the legal settlements could be anywhere. are you sure about the budget item number? 3. what committee is this bill going through in your house? we would like a member over here to have an opportunity on this. someone should hold up our report and point at wilson. maybe cavala can steer it to a good committee here. 4. cavala thinks that davis will be as disinterested in reporting settlements as wilson was. it makes his agencies look bad. bill put in a call to tim gage to ask if there is some tracking mechanism in place right now (maybe he knows about any budget language from last year). what about the idea of reporting to the AG as weIl? 5. I am going to walk over and pick up a copy of last yearís budget bill. what are you doing for lunch? actually, lemon grass sounds good to me if you have time. 6. DONíT WRITE A LETTER TO QUACKENBUSH ON ANYTHING. Original Message Wrom: LPTCXLYRWTQTIPWIGYOKSTTZRCL Sent Tuesday, March 23. 1999 11:04 AM To: Mitchell, Anne Subject: help Sensitivity: Confidential Apparently the 1998 state budget adopted the provisions of SB 794i.e the Task Force reports. Can you find the following provision for me: Item 1760-001-0001 of the 1998 budget this section required a report on prompt payment discounts...however, DGS, did not release the report because It was so poorly done...líd like to see the control language. Last yearís budget requires agencies to report all legal settlements...l havenít see any reports, however... finally, a very hot tip. ..Quackenbush is keeping settlement agreements so secretive that DCI attornies who worked on the cases donít know the outcomes. The AG was not involved in the Life Insurance settlement which was for $900,000. Iíll draft a letter/ the first salvo, to Quacker on this issue. Your thoughts ~

New message Chris: Forwarded yours to Assemblymember Washingtonís Chief and thought I would copy you with his response It is a dirty game this politics, however I trust all will work out in the end. Got a call from Weekley yesterday and SMUD has placed him on administrative leave pending the outcome of this matter. Recall that their General Manager, Jan Shori, was one of those adament Urban League Board members who did not want Chuck on the Board. Perhaps she should be reminded that her General Counsel, Ms. Appling, was a guest at the DOI table the night Chuck served as Keynote. Regards, Friday, May 12, 2000 America Online: RQuack4i3l Michael Keeley Onginal Message From: Roberson, Bruce [SMTP Bruce. (Assemblyman Washingtonís staff) Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 3:51 PM To: Subject: RE: news- Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush Mike; líve had a chance to read the article, and I must admit that there are elements of truth in what was written. The goal is to marginalize the last two standing Republicans, Bill Jones and Chuck. If successful, thereís good money to say that Dems may take over the state completely. Itís part of the grand scheme to get Gore in the White House, Feinstein as VP, and ultimately have all of the state offices for ourselves. According to strategy, Chuckís in the way. Believe me when I tell you that it is nothing "personalí, although I know it seems that way. However, I do hope that he comes out of this unscathed, however that still remains to be seen.I really donít like "dirty pool", but right now they are really after him.Talked to Phyllis Marshall yesterday and faxed over CWís bio.Mike, thanks for your assistance. Also, I got your cards. Bruce > Original Message > From: Michael Keeley [] > Sent: Monday, May 08, 2000 3:32 PM > To: > Subject: FW: news- Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush Bruce: Thought I would forward this from Chuckís wife, Chris. You should know by now that Chuck is my boy, and his family I consider friends. Want to keep you and Carl in the loop so that you guys take into account allfactors when issues surface regarding the DOI and his fate Regards,

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