Moving to Hawaii was a wonderful way of decompressing and preparing for the future. Spending time with family, writing and exploring the culture of the islands kept me busy while legal machinery was in motion to clear my name. After the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York, I went to work for Military Intelligence putting together analysis of events in various countries. Recently, I have been advising various Republican legislators in Hawaii on political strategy as they adjust to the happy reality of a newly elected Republican Governor. The official Hawaiian state sport of outrigger canoe paddling has become a new passion of mine and I am now in my third season of competition. I have competed in many races and completed the arduous Molokai to Oahu crossing in a six man canoe. Paddling such a small craft on the open ocean with no land in sight can certainly put life in its proper perspective! Crossing the Molokai Channel by canoe is fraught with danger and mishaps. Occasionally, a rogue wave will rise up out of nowhere and flip the canoe and all of its paddlers into the sea. You must quickly right the canoe, bail it out, and get back into the race. The effort is exhausting, but, what other choice do you have on the open ocean...or in life?

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